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Hiking with Suzanne and Ray. Suzanne and Ray are very active and enjoy life to the fullest. One of Suzanne's many interests was yoga, and she lead a group of truely inspirational men and woman who ranged from 50 to 90 years old. In addition to yoga the group would go on hikes and pack wonderful lunches. They would also swap pictures of their animals in yoga posses. We enjoyed our hikes together. Ray also enjoyed petroglyphs, which are markings on rocks which many, many years ago used to help those traveling to find water, food, or leave behind a story or directions. He would take pictures of the petroglyphs and recreate them on rocks. I also got lessens from Ray on how to play tennis. Ray could still get the ball by me any time he wanted.


This is a picture of Sarit and here family when we went hiking in Death Valley. Moti, her husband, came into our office looking for answers for his wife. She was just told that she needed back surgery. We looked at her x-rays and got to work on her back. As her health improved the whole family got excited about chiropractic and her son Ben and Moti also got chiropractic care. When Sarit was re-x-rayed it appereared that her disc that was degenerating not only stopped the degeneration process, but that the disc space actually increased(WOW).



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Dr. Fresh,

First off, thank you for giving me back my " young self." I came to your office when I hit rock bottom in my health and was trying to find a way to lose weight. Instead, you made me a better me by finding out why I was sick. Your kindness and ability to see that weight was only a side effect of my real health problem is what made me succeed. After 12 years of dealing with RA, my body has taken a toll from years of abusing myself with bad eating and sleeping habits from working night shift as a nurse.


You utilized your knowledge about proper nutrition and found my deficits. By improving my health, you gave me the inner strength to start an exercise program that, with what you had corrected, allowed me to now drop 50 pounds in three months. But more importantly, I can now walk, play, dance, and exercise with the best of them, where prior to that I was only able to function and work and come home and land in to a recliner to recuperate. I was abandoning my family by not being able to enjoy time participating in fun activities. People don't realize how important the biochemistry of proper nutrition is to your health and well-being. We take it for granted every day, as I did, but now thanks to you, I realize that if I hadn't come to you office, I would still be sitting on the recliner, packing on the pounds without eating anything extra. People think you only gain weight by overeating, but the reality, for me, is that I wasn't eating correctly or as frequently as I should have, nor did I maintain the sleep schedule necessary to let my body heal. I let myself stay in pain and gain weight. By you correcting my imbalances as a 46-year-old, I feel better than I did in my twenties!

Thank you with all of my heart!

Patty Moseley

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